Getting started with Fitness Table

The first step in beginning with the Fitness Table is an evaluation.
During your evaluation, you’re assessed to identify issues, imbalances and other areas where you’ll need strengthening and exactly what YOU need to improve your core strength and posture and the proper class level for you to begin at.
The evaluation is an important part of the Fitness Table process, to ensure that we know what you need to be doing and NOT doing during class so you improve and get stronger. Call us at 403-245-9009 to book an evaluation appointment.


IF you have no issues or injuries, you are welcome to try a complimentary class BEFORE your evaluation appointment (Level 1 or Open 1-4). 
You can claim your complimentary class by signing up through the “Complimentary Class” tab in the menu above, create a new account with your name and email, and select your class at the online store. The complimentary class is only valid for 7 days.


The next step


During your evaluation it will be determined what the best starting point is for you.  Some people are recommended to begin with (or prefer to begin with) private sessions.  Most people can begin with  group classes at Level 1 or Special Back Class (SBC) for those with injuries and issues.
When you decide to join us, you can pay a drop in rate to attend classes, however, choosing a class package is the best value.


We have two packages well suited for new members;  they are shorter term and designed to give you time to get a sense of how Fitness Table will realistically fit into your schedule before you make a longer commitment.
Our two new member class packages are: 
– 6 weeks unlimited classes
– 12 weeks /12 classes (this gives you 12 weeks to use 12 classes however you like)
From there, we can help you select a one year option that is the best fit and best value for you. 
We look forward to meeting you, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have; simply give us a call at 403-245-9009 or click here to email us.