Fitness Table Method FAQ

Exercises on a table?

The Fitness Table Method, as the name suggests, refers to exercises done on a table specifically designed to be gripped in different ways that make it possible to shift the centre of gravity and work on the deep musculature. The table allows participants to lengthen and strengthen the muscles responsible for alignment in ways that no traditional training equipment does.


But why work on the deep muscles?

In the long term, static positions and lack of exercise results in a loss of muscle tone in the deep musculature and that can lead to chronic back and joint pain.

Who can practice the Fitness Table Method?

Anyone between the ages of 15 and 85 who has the desire to follow an original and focused method that will provide benefits day after day. The Fitness Table Method focuses on the quality, precision and intensity of the training rather than on the quantity of exercise.


Am I strong enough to practice the method?

This isn’t about employing Herculean strength, rather it is about isolating the deep muscles and doing exercises of increasing intensity. As one develops more control, the exercises make more demands on the muscle groups, which in addition improves posture and increases flexibility and precision in everyday movements.

What if I have injuries, will I be able to keep up?

The Fitness Table Method offers a great variety of movement, avoiding monotony and stimulating interest and imagination to develop greater motor control. Everyone works at his/her own rhythm while being encouraged to take on increasingly advanced exercises. Bad posture and stiff muscles can lead to chronic pain; when the body compensates for loss of flexibility it does not function as well. In addition to the strengthening exercises, our training includes exercises for flexibility; the different ways of gripping the table and the height of the Fitness Table allows for extended stretching.