Love the classes. Top instruction. Great program

Fitness Table has been a big part of my medical rehab from abdominal surgeries. Being a pro golfer the core activation is extremely important for the swing and training at the Fitness Table has made me stronger than ever in the core area, and now after major swing changes I am now ready to contend on tour! I will continue to come to class when I am in town. I truly enjoy it I can highly recommend Fitness Table to anyone seeking better posture, core strength/stability and great workouts
Louise Stahle, Professional golfer, LPGA Tour

I have seen great results with my elite athletes.

Great program for elite athletes. Increased in size and strength. I could see the results in the lab through tests done by occupational therapy.
Bart Schouten, Coach, Speedskating Canada Team

Nothing short of incredible

After about 6 months...the physical results that I have obtained in that short time frame are nothing short of incredible. I am stronger mentally, through the core and overall body, my posture and flexibility have improved greatly and my continual pain demon is all gone. I have not been able to obtain this type of progress anywhere else and I was truly at a point of giving up.
Erica Yorga

I was able to heal a recurring hip flexor injury because of the Fitness Table

As a speed skater sprinter, I need my hips, glutes and hamstrings to be working together. I was able to heal a recurring hip flexor injury because of the Fitness Table program and 2013 was my best year yet!
Danielle Wotherspoon-Gregg, Long Track Speed Skater Sprinter

I can generate more power

The Fitness Table program definitely made me more stable. Core stability is really important for my sport; it helped the connection between upper and lower body so I can generate more power. The exercise program really seems easy but it isn't. It does much more than you think it will. You can work as hard as you can and get a lot more out of it in comparison to other programs that seem very hard but don't really do that much.
Jamie Gregg, Speedskater

Best workout I've ever had

I feel stretched out, stronger, taller and longer. Best workout I've ever had!
Diane Heming, School Principal

Better results that all other combined types of treatments for my chronic pain

I am a long time runner with no flexibility. I have had low back problems the last few years that have seriously curtailed other activities I enjoy. I have tried physiotherapy, chiropractic sessions, massage therapy and acupuncture, all with varying results but none with significant relief. I have been attending The Fitness Table classes on a regular basis for only three months and the results, I think, are better than all the treatments combined. Although the workouts are group sessions, the individual attention we each get from the instructors is remarkable as is their knowledge and understanding of our unique needs and limitations. My only regret is in not doing this years ago.
Jamie Polley, Lawyer