We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season, and look forward to seeing everyone back in the studio!!

Stéphan will be returning to Calgary January 2018

The dates will be: Saturday January 6th, Tuesday January 9th and Saturday January 13th.

As these days fill up, he will be opening more time slots.

To make an appointment click here – all sessions will be held at the Fitness Table

Cost per appointment is $115 and preferred payment methods are cheque, cash, or e-transfer



It seems as though a dozen or so of our ropes have manged to make their way out of the studio…If one accidentally jumped into your bag when you left after your class could please send it back, the other ropes miss them

New Mats and Cushions

We are looking into getting some new mats and cushions made for the tables and we were wondering if anybody knows of a good retailer that can make them.  If you could please pass along their information to us that would be great!!



Cold Weather

With the weather getting chilly, we would ask that everyone hang up coats, jackets and bags in the change rooms provided.  As well please be sure you are removing your shoes and putting them on the shoe racks before entering the studio.

Parking Reminder…again…

 ***DO NOT PARK BEHIND CARS IN ALLEY…there is not enough space for other vehicles to drive by.  Also you are    at risk of getting a ticket or your vehicle being towed

***Vacate the spots quickly after your class to make room for the next group coming in

***Be aware of the yellow curb in Stall #6, it is the middle of the stall for a reason,  if you cannot straddle it without issue please do not park there.  You risk causing damage to your vehicle or others around you if you run over it and move it.

***Fitness Table has use of Stalls #5 – #8 only


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