Posture and core strength Classes & Levels

Each of the 75-minute posture and core strength classes consists of a warm-up, followed by various stretching and toning exercises using the table. Within each class the exercises are geared, as necessary, to accommodate the individual needs of all participants (as determined in the postural evaluation). The certified instructors provide individualized attention during every exercise, ensuring that each participant performs the movement properly—making adjustments, if necessary.

Upon completing a postural evaluation, all participants begin training at Level 1.

Progressively the participant develops control over his or her posture and the quality of the body’s alignment during all exercises, allowing him or her to take on increasingly advanced exercises without risk. Individual progression varies among participants; therefore advancing to the next level will be at the discretion of the instructors.


The following guidelines outline the characteristics of each posture and core strength classes level:


Level 1
Develop proper breathing technique
Gain knowledge of good posture (lengthening of the spine) and the autonomy to practice it
Tone muscle groups for posture and endurance
Identify motions and gain control of the shoulder and pelvic girdles
Increase flexibility
Attend class 1-2 times/week

Level 2
Understand techniques for lengthening the spine and anterior line
Adjust positions with verbal correction
Control transverse abdominals during all exercises
Isolate and control body segments [spine; shoulder and pelvic girdles]
Increase muscular endurance
Increase flexibility
Attend class 2 times/week

Level 3
Increased autonomy
Improve alignment and stability of body segments during more demanding exercises
Develop muscular resistance
Increase strength and endurance
Increase memory for exercise sequences
Maintain postural control in all positions
Work exercises in differing rhythms
Increase flexibility
Attend class 2-3 times/week

Level 4
Develop muscular power (speed and resistance)
Maintain muscular endurance and strength
Increase memory for successive motions and longer series
Control motions and posture in ALL positions and exercises
Control movements with differing rhythms
Attain confidence and comfort in the execution of all exercises
Increase flexibility
Attend class 3 or more times/week

This class emphasizes overall toning exercises with more time being devoted to stretching.

Abdo/Trunk Postural
This class focuses on exercises for upper body toning.

Special Back Class (SBC)
This class is for a participant who has not been involved in physical activity for more than five years and/or is undergoing physical rehabilitation. This program is also designed for the elderly.

Private Sessions
Private sessions are offered for the participant who would otherwise register in SBC, but requires more personal attention.