My name is Nancy Love and I have been attending classes at the Fitness Table for 1 1/2 years. I am going to share how this program has given me back fun and enjoyment in my life.
I first heard about the Fitness Table from my long time friend Diana. She is one of the excellent ‘hardcore’ instructors at the Table. She detected my poor spinal position and limited core strength years ago and was clear to me that I was a Fitness Table candidate. My weak back and poor posture was the accumulation of years of standing all day attending patients in my family medical practice and sitting in front of a computer with neck forward position in the evenings. In spite of Diana’s suggestion, I did not call up the Fitness Table until I developed sciatica due to a degenerative and torn lumbar disc. My physical activities had come to an abrupt halt. It was painful and somewhat depressing. Many physio sessions helped with the pain, and I was able to walk, but something more needed to change before I would be able to get back into sports.

In July 2014, I had an assessment with Patricia at the Fitness Table. I appreciated the thorough evaluation and was happy that she was optimistic that the core strength program she offered would be safe and helpful for me.
I started the Special Back Class and was reassured by the pace and careful focus on the exercises. I had lots to learn. I found that Patricia and the other instructors very conscious of providing a progression of exercises that gradually improve strength and flexibility with care not to flare up any underlying injury. I learned a lot about using the muscles that support my spine and also patience and humility!
After 6 months I was able to walk without any pain going down the legs. After 9 months I started swinging the golf club, and this fall I was back playing tennis. I have even been able to ride a bike! Bonus benefits are some weight loss, reappearance of my waistline, and miraculous flattening of that pesky tummy pooch! Yay!
I know that to continue to enjoy my activities that I love, and to prevent injury, I need to keep up with my regular program. I am happy to do that because of the difference it has made to my life. I am forever grateful for the Fitness Table team!

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