This month I’m celebrating my one year anniversary with the Fitness Table team. I started at the Fitness Table after suffering with a herniated disc and related pain for three months. At that time, my walk was best described as a shuffle and all of the special back class exercises were modified to accommodate my injury.

Even though I was severely limited in my movements, the knowledgeable instructors modified the workout so I could strengthen my core at my own pace and capabilities.

On top of the physical training, the instructors were also cheerleaders who helped me recognize my progress. I hadn’t heard of Fitness table until I was referred to the studio, but since then I have come to realize that many people know of the great program and the progress you can make with it (including doctors and my physiotherapist).

Today I don’t have pain and feel stronger than I did before my injury What else can I say? I’m a huge fan and have my sights set on the higher levels.

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