Did you know a stronger core can give you more energy?  If you’re like most people, when you hear core you might think abs.   But your core muscles go much further than just giving you a tighter waistline and flatter belly.  Your core muscles are also deep within your hips, and wrap around your spinal column to help your posture, and your posture affects your energy.

Consider this:  if you’re slouched over your desk all day, have forward rounded shoulders, maybe you catch yourself straightening up momentarily only to find yourself in the same position 10 minutes later.  In that slouched position, your internal organs actually are, well, they’re squished.   If you have a weak core and poor posture, your heart and lungs are compressed.

When the major organs that transport oxygenated blood through your body are compromised, guess what happens?  The lungs can’t expand to full capacity and fully fill with air.  They don’t get as much oxygen and neither does your body, or your brain.  I can already feel a yawn coming on.

With a strong core to support proper posture, those shouders go back, lungs open up and fill up with air, and the heart can pump with full steam ahead.  When that happens, your energy can soar!

Avoid those energy slumps and start strengthening your core for improved posture and MORE energy!


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