stick with a workout plan
Maybe it happens every year, you just can’t seem to keep that New Years resolution you made to stick with a workout plan.
You were gung-ho that THIS year was the year you’d stick with it; you’d make exercise a lifestyle change, not just a temporary thing.  But maybe it fizzled out already.

Truth is, for most people new years resolutions don’t work.

Don’t worry because the good news is, anytime is a good time to make changes.  Anytime; even right now.  And we have 3 tips to make it easy for you to stick with a workout plan.


Tip 1:  Plan

Treat it like any other important appointment and put it in your schedule.  If it’s not in your schedule, something else will come along to take up that time; and your schedule will become overcrowded and your workout suffers.  Plan it in your calendar ahead of time so you work everything else around it, and you start to create a real lifestyle change.

Tip 2:  Prioritize

You must treat this time as a non-negotiable.  It’s your time to improve your health and nothing else is more important.  You’ve got to hold yourself accountable to this.  If you can’t, get a workout or accountability buddy.


Tip 3:  Prepare

Small things like running late or not having your workout clothes with you, can get in the way and keep you from your workout.  Make sure everything you need is ready and with you so you have no last minute challenges.  Preparation is key.  Stash a workout bag in your car with all the essentials just in case.  Make sure you leave work so you have plenty of time to get to class on time.


These tips may seem small, but making things easy is another tip to make sure they end up happening.   Anytime is a good time to make changes, and you can start again, right now. What has been your biggest obstacle to stick with a workout plan?  What did you to to overcome it?  We’d love to hear, please leave a comment below!

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  • Sheila Anderson says:
    February 19, 2015 at 2:05 am

    Perfect! Thanks Patricia. So simple and SO true! I try to put it in my schedule/day timer and you’re right it sticks better!

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