The past two years I have been playing professional golf competing on various tours with the goal of making it to the PGA tour. Now with being a professional athlete injury prevention and fitness are very important to me.

I have been going to Fitness Table for over a year now and when I first started I was surprised to find the classes challenging. I found it difficult to do the beginner exercises and saw there was much room for improvement in my core, flexibility and posture.

I have had a history of serious back problems since I was 16 to which at one point I couldn’t run for a year and even found walking difficult. Since then I have worked hard on my fitness to be physically the best I can be for my sport. I’m always looking for ways to improve and have been hooked on the fitness table method as a compliment to my gym workouts.

With the knowledge of the staff and their attention to detail, over the past year I have progressed to higher levels in fitness table and have noticed a significant change in my range of motion , body awareness , posture and core strength; all of which are very important in golf. In turn this has translated into my golf being more consistent.

With the higher classes still being very challenging I am excited to see how much better I can get. I highly recommend fitness table to anyone who is either an athlete or looking to improve their fitness and health.

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