My name is Tony Smith I first started feeling pain and numbness in my legs in February 2012, I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in May 2013. Prior to being diagnosed enjoyed playing hockey, golf, working out and generally being active, however once the problem began I was in noticeable pain and could not stand up straight and walking was painful. It lasted for three and a half years. In November 2014 I had an operation to correct this problem.

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Following the operation I developed a constant pain from the base of my back to the top of my knees, I was very disappointed I could not continue my active lifestyle. I was frustrated and thought I required a second back operation to alleviate my back issues.

In April 2015 a physiotherapist I was seeing recommended I see Patricia Maybury at Fitness Table. I explained my issues to Patricia and she asked me to bring in my MRI. Patricia set me up with some lessons and showed me how to strengthen the deep musculature, technical stretching, and breathing exercises. After about six weeks at Fitness Table, my back and legs began to feel progressively better.

Over the past three and a half years I tried a number of programs trying to relieve my back and leg problems, the stretching and breathing program at Fitness Table is the only one that has worked at strengthening my back, relieving my pain and allowing to continue doing the things I enjoy.

Today my posture has improved dramatically and I am able to walk pain free, I have begun to do many activities I thought six months ago I would not be able to do.

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